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Landlord issues can be contentious matters for property owners. The laws that govern rental property in New Jersey place many requirements on landlords. Many first-time landlords and owners of duplexes, condos and single units are not familiar with the obligations necessary to enforce the provisions of a lease. Similarly, many new landlords are unaware that a lease automatically renews, unless the language is carefully drafted or the owner occupies a unit on the same premises.

Reagan Law Offices, LLC, in Haddonfield, New Jersey, is a well-respected legal resource for landlords. We represent landlords in a wide variety of legal matters involving rental property in the Cherry Hill area. We have substantial experience advising and representing clients in matters involving:

  • Eviction for cause
  • Judgment for possession matters
  • Willful destruction of property
  • Review and drafting of leases

Protecting The Rights Of Landlords

A number of formalities must exist in order for a landlord to enforce a lease in New Jersey. The property owner must properly file a landlord registration statement. Security deposits must be placed in an interest-bearing account. The property must be inspected. We advise landlords about the complex regulations to help our landlord clients to protect their rights. We advise landlords on how to protect their property interests in rental property, including the use of background checks to learn if a prospective tenant has previously been evicted.

When disputes arise, we are well-versed in the law to provide tenacious representation in eviction matters. Preparation and following the proper procedures are critical in eviction matters. Our thoroughness in landlord-tenant matters is a benefit for our clients.


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