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At the Reagan Law Offices, LLC, we are committed to protecting the rights of New Jersey landlords in a broad range of landlord-tenant matters and disputes. For over 20 years, our founder and lead attorney Brian Reagan has advised landlords in issues related to complex regulation and property protection matters. Additionally, Mr. Reagan is highly skilled and deeply experienced in landlord-tenant litigation, should a dispute arise between our clients and their tenants. Our firm is unique in that we have represented both landlords and tenants in legal disputes, which gives us insight into the other side’s position and puts our clients at a considerable advantage.

Based in Haddonfield, the Reagan Law Offices, LLC, is a premier landlord-tenant firm committed to protecting the rights and interests of New Jersey landlords. To learn more about the representation our firm offers, contact us online or call 856-617-4505.

Protecting Landlord’s Rights And Rental Properties

At our firm, we can advise landlords on the complex regulations governing New Jersey landlord-tenant law to ensure your rights are protected and exercised to the full extent of the law. Our firm has extensive experience handling eviction procedures, nonpayment of rent issues, and landlord and tenant disputes.

At the Reagan Law Offices, LLC, we protect the landlord’s rights in the following areas:

  • Right for a lease or contract
  • Right for a security deposit
  • Right to increase the rent
  • Right to eviction
  • Right to collection after eviction

Attorney Brian Reagan offers personalized and accessible advocacy to landlords seeking just cause evictions in the event tenants fail to comply with lease terms, house unauthorized occupants or commit willful destruction of the premises. In the event of a dispute, Mr. Reagan and his firm are prepared to take an aggressive stance in litigation on behalf of his clients.

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For over 20 years, New Jersey landlords have relied on our firm to protect their rights and advocate for their interests. To learn more about the services provided by the Reagan Law Offices, LLC, contact us via email or call 856-617-4505.

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