Tenants Issues

Comprehensive Representation For Tenants

At the Reagan Law Offices, LLC, our founder and lead attorney Brian Reagan has over 20 years of experience protecting the interests and legal rights of New Jersey tenants. Mr. Reagan offers personalized service and accessible counsel to each of his clients and becomes personally invested in seeing tenancy issues get resolved fairly, efficiently and favorably. Whether he’s enforcing tenants’ rights or representing tenants in disputes with their landlords, Mr. Reagan is committed to providing the comprehensive representation his clients need in this complex area of law.

Under New Jersey state law, tenants are protected against a broad range of unjust actions their landlords may take against them. Most tenants, however, are unaware of these protections. Based in Haddonfield, the Reagan Law Offices, LLC, provides education, advocacy and advice to tenants throughout Camden County. To protect and exercise your rights, contact our firm online or call 856-617-4505.

Facing Eviction? Issues With Your Landlord?

For over 20 years, lawyer Brian Reagan has helped tenants reach favorable outcomes in disputes with their landlords. From the beginning, our firm has provided representation to both landlords and tenants, which allows us a comprehensive understanding of the other side and puts our clients at a unique advantage in negotiation.

Today, we can help enforce and protect the tenant’s rights, including:

  • Habitability rights
  • Rights against unlawful entry
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to lease termination
  • Rights against eviction
  • Rights against retaliation
  • Rights to withhold rent
  • Americans with Disabilities Act rights

If you are facing eviction, we can review the details of your lease and investigate the actions of your landlord. We are committed to providing comprehensive guidance to tenants facing eviction and will pursue every option to achieve a favorable outcome for our clients.

Protect Your Renter’s Rights

Tenant issues are often complex matters that require the assistance of an attorney with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. To ensure your tenant’s rights are being exercised and protected to their fullest extent, contact our firm today via email or call 856-617-4505.

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