Domestic Violence

Comprehensive Representation In Domestic Violence Cases

When police respond to a domestic disturbance call in New Jersey, the interaction with police can set several processes in motion. An individual accused of domestic violence is often arrested on the spot. If there are physical marks or signs that any abuse occurred, arrest is mandatory.

The consequences for a conviction of domestic violence can result in the issuance of a restraining order removing you from your home. The restraining order will bar you from having any contact with the opposing party and will impact any parenting time with your children. A person may have to pay monetary relief, including fees, household expenses and support. Once the order is in place, any allegations of minimal contact with the opposing party can result in a criminal violation of the restraining order. There is also a family court aspect to domestic violence allegations that can have an adverse impact on your life.

Restraining Orders And Your Rights In New Jersey

A victim of a domestic abuse case may apply to the family court to obtain a temporary restraining order. In some situations a temporary restraining order may be obtained over the phone. When a TRO is issued related to a domestic violence claim, the family court will schedule a final restraining order hearing within 10 days.

Criminal defense lawyer Brian Reagan is a highly skilled advocate who can protect your rights in all aspects of a domestic violence situation. He has a deep understanding that the findings in the civil final restraining order hearing can have an impact in any family court proceedings into the future, as well as any criminal domestic violence charges.

Many domestic violence allegations are not witnessed by other people, and are often associated with a breakdown in the marriage and divorce. These can turn into “he said, she said” disputes. We diligently investigate whether the domestic call was made to get an upper hand in a divorce or child custody dispute. Often these cases turn on specific evidence that refutes the claim of domestic violence. Obtaining the diligent representation of a skilled lawyer is critical in protecting your rights in these matters.

In the family court final restraining order hearing, the findings become part of the record. An adverse result in the hearing will have an adverse impact on your rights in other family court matters, including child custody and visitation disputes. You will be ordered to remain clear of your home and your children. Your right to possess a gun will be impacted. If you are a police officer or professional, you may need to report the findings to the appropriate professional licensing board.

If you are facing any level of domestic abuse or violence allegations in family court or criminal court, you need the representation of a lawyer well-versed in both family and criminal court domestic abuse proceedings. Attorney Reagan is a diligent criminal defense lawyer with over 20 years of trial-proven experience in all facets of domestic violence.

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