Truck Accidents

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Even at low speeds, an accident involving a big rig, commercial truck or other piece of heavy machinery can be tragic. At high speeds, a collision with a semi or tractor-trailer can have devastating consequences for motorists and passengers in a family car. A large number of trucking industry accidents can be linked to trucker or trucking company negligence. There are many regulations in the trucking industry aimed at traffic safety. However, the nuances of the rules, regulations and personal injury law create complexities that require the analysis of a seasoned injury lawyer.

Caring, Dedicated Counsel From A Trial-Proven Attorney

At Reagan Law Offices, LLC, in Haddonfield, New Jersey, we understand how difficult it is for accident victims and their families to get a fair deal when they try to get the compensation they need to cover the bills following an accident. The insurance companies alone are in the business of protecting their own bottom lines. In complex truck accident claims, the addition of powerful trucking industry resources can add to a family’s frustrations. Attorney Brian Reagan has been effectively fighting for fair and just compensation for accident victims in Camden County and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

We work with investigators and accident reconstruction professionals when necessary to build a solid and compelling case. Common matters to investigate include:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Potential drug or alcohol use
  • Unsafe loads
  • Distracted driving
  • Improper vehicle maintenance or driver training

Attorney Brian Reagan has deep knowledge of trucking industry regulations and knows how to find trucking company log records and other evidence unique to the trucking industry.

We understand that significant injuries require proper medical care to allow our clients to recover physically. We help clients find doctors and chiropractors to receive appropriate care. Families often need guidance in many areas associated with a truck accident. Financial concerns, including liens on property related to the strains of large medical bills and lost wages, can be daunting. Our experience in addressing these related concerns is an advantage for our clients in putting their lives back together.

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We offer free consultations. To arrange your meeting with a compassionate lawyer who will put your interests first, send us a message or call 856-617-4505. If we take your case, you will pay no attorney’s fees unless we obtain a favorable settlement or verdict at trial.

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