How much car insurance is enough?

  • Liability Coverage:

    BODILY INJURY. This part of your auto policy covers you for liability: when you cause injury to another person while operating your vehicle. You should have coverage that is sufficient to cover you for any potential loss. Keep in mind that if you were found at fault for an accident and you insurance coverage was not sufficient to cover a damages verdict, you could be personally liable for the amount above your insurance coverage. For instance, if you had only $15,000 in Bodily Injury coverage, and caused damages of $100,000, then your personal assets would be at risk. Continue reading

What self-driving cars could mean for traffic accidents

Imagine the distant future and you’re likely to picture flying cars, towering cities and bizarre fashion. Decades ago, you might have imagined coffee that brews itself, lights that turn off when you tell them to and cars that drive on their own – all of which exist today. In a way, we already live in a futuristic world.

It’s no doubt that many New Jersey residents might be hesitant to embrace certain technological advances. One gadget gaining attention lately is the self-driving car, which mainly relies on artificial intelligence to operate. As driving is such a dangerous activity, it comes to no surprise that the idea of robots controlling vehicles can be concerning. Continue reading

Keep kids safe this Halloween with your smartphone

Trick-or-treating is an annual highlight for most New Jersey children. This year girls dressed as Wonder Woman and boys dressed as Minecraft Creepers will run down the sidewalk, eager to fill their bags with candy. Children get excited, running into the streets in loose-fitting costumes.

Every parent feels a little hesitation allowing their children trick-or-treat on their own. Parents worry because they know that children are not the only ones out on Halloween night. Halloween parties are common among teens and adults. Streets can be dangerous, running the risk of speeding or distracted drivers. Continue reading

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