Keep kids safe this Halloween with your smartphone

Trick-or-treating is an annual highlight for most New Jersey children. This year girls dressed as Wonder Woman and boys dressed as Minecraft Creepers will run down the sidewalk, eager to fill their bags with candy. Children get excited, running into the streets in loose-fitting costumes.

Every parent feels a little hesitation allowing their children trick-or-treat on their own. Parents worry because they know that children are not the only ones out on Halloween night. Halloween parties are common among teens and adults. Streets can be dangerous, running the risk of speeding or distracted drivers.

Staying visible during trick-or-treating

Car accidents are a real threat on Halloween night. The combination of crowds roaming the streets, increased traffic and holiday parties can lead to pedestrian accidents and injuries. Worried parents often accompany their children trick-or-treating, even if the kids protest.

At a certain age, kids are ready to venture out on their own. Older children often have access to a smartphone. While smartphones are a pain for parents during dinner, they can help adults can feel more secure about allowing kids to trick-or-treat independently.

In the past, most kids carried around flashlights to help them see where they were going. Today, kids can use their smartphones to light the way. Most smartphones include a flashlight feature that shines a bright light out of the back of the device. This can be useful for keeping drivers aware of children as they cross the street.

Keep an eye on the kids at a distance

There are a number of clever apps that help parents keep track of their kids. These apps allow parents to see where children are located in real-time. Both iOS and Android include apps along with the device to track the location of the phone. Android users can use “Find My Device” and Apple users can use “Find My iPhone.” Now parents can track where their children are going next and how far away they are from home.

Parents can take further measures by downloading third-party apps such as “Find My Family, Friends, Phone” from Life 360. This app not only offers GPS tracking but alerts parents when kids are home. Additionally, the app includes a button that users can push to immediately alert an emergency contact, including their precise location. Parents can feel more at ease this Halloween with help from emerging smartphone technology.

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