Do you think you’re a good driver?

Are you a good driver? Better yet, would other motorists consider you a good driver? Multiple surveys suggest that majority of people tend to overrate their own driving skills, while other drivers have another story to tell.

A study conducted by concluded that 19% of all drivers are cut off by another motorist on a daily basis. Think about today’s morning commute. Did somebody cut you off? Did you cut somebody off? How many times did you have to hastily hit your breaks while traffic was moving?

Test your skills

Answer the below questions honestly to see how your driving skills compare.

  1. Do you signal when switching lanes or making a turn?
  2. Do you turn your headlights on during poor weather conditions?
  3. Do other drivers constantly flip you off, honk or flash their lights at you?
  4. Do you talk on the phone? Check texts/emails? Look up directions?
  5. Do you cruise in the left lane while drivers are passing on your right?
  6. Do you use cruise control for long distance driving?
  7. Do you ride too closely behind cars in front of you?
  8. Do you drive faster than the posted speed limit?

How did your answers match up? Did you roll your eyes with annoyance at any of the questions? Or do you feel good about your answers?

Let’s discuss:

  1. Signaling turns and lane switches. Anyone who does not use their blinker is acting selfishly. It is impossible for another driver to anticipate your next move; you are the only person on the road who knows what your destination is. Beyond that, it is illegal not to signal a turn or lane switches.
  2. Headlight use. A lot of vehicles have automatic headlights that will automatically turn on when it senses a certain level of darkness. However, automatic headlights do not typically react to poor weather conditions, especially during the day. If you are driving through rain, snow or fog, your headlights should always be turned on. Does your car have fog lamps too? Even better, turn those on as well.
  3. Constant ridicule from other drivers. If other drivers are constantly honking, flashing their lights or flipping you off – you are the problem and it’s time to assess what you’re doing to elicit these responses. Sure, sometimes you come across an angry driver who disrespects any driver on their path. Unfortunately, you have no control over their actions but you do have control over yours.
  4. Cellphone use. Using a cellphone behind the wheel is distracted driving 101, aside from the fact that it can be very dangerous it is also very illegal. The state of New Jersey prohibits the use of cellphones while driving, with the exception of a hands-free device.
  5. Cruising in the left lane. No drivers should ever just cruise in the left lane; the left lane is a passing lane. If you are not using the left lane to pass someone or keep up with the flow of traffic, please move over to the right.
  6. Cruise control. You should always use cruise control for long distance drives. Not only does it allow you to set the pace for your trip but it tells other drivers how to approach you. Other benefits to using cruise control include fuel efficiency, alleviating physical demands of the driver and maintaining control over your speed.
  7. Tailgating. If you are someone who tends to ride closely behind other drivers, ask yourself why you do it? Are you trying to prove a point? Do you think you’re teaching the driver in front of you a lesson? Do you think it will make them speed up if you ride closely? No matter what your reasoning is, please stop. Other drivers aren’t going to magically change because you want them to and riding too close is only going to make a potentially bad situation worse.
  8. Speeding. Speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents. It’s reckless, illegal and unnecessary. All drivers should remain steady with the flow of traffic and adhere to posted speed limit signs.

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